Rickenbacker Guitar John Lennon

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Rickenbacker 355 \ 12 strings 12JL Limited Edition

Market Price $ 3000.00  for this 1990 Rickenbacker Guitar John Lennon 355 \ 12 strings 12JL jetglo


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An absolutely flawless 1990 Rickenbacker Guitar John Lennon 12-string 355/12JL in Jetglo. This is a Rickenbacker Guitar John Lennon model, Limited Edition, only one out of 329. It is an exact replica 325/12 String by John Lennon on the first Beatles records, with the exception of a large scale neck instead of a short conductor used. It has 3 pickups Toaster Vintage and caricature and signature engraved on the pickguard JL. This is an owner-guitar, bought for investment. It has been played sparingly and spent most of his life in the case. The neck is straight and the beautiful surroundings of the action plans. It comes with a certificate of authenticity and silver Tolex case in perfect condition comes too. This is very collectible and s R erh Hen fa Value is constant.

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