Rickenbacker 325 John Lennon

Find a Rickenbacker 325 John Lennon played when he with the Beatles? Order Rickenbacker 325 John Lennon Guitar Online For only $498 !

Such a next guitar, this is an great example of a vintage Rickenbacker 325 John lennon guitar. Rickenbacker – the model John Lennon played. This is a Rickenbacker Model 325, but with a vibrato tailpiece, which will be 325, as played by John Lennon. It is a clean and original example. It is to the original, except that a finite re-expansion. Looks good, plays a lot. Do not miss it, it will not last!

We have done a great job on this Rickenbacker 325 John Lennon guitar, it almost exactly same as the Rickenbacker 325 guitar, the one which John Lennon played. All body shape and part imitate from the original John Lennon’s 325, include body wood , fretboard and other part. Great copy for Rickenbacker 325 John Lennon played model, only sale for $498  Go to our shop for details.

John Lennon had used with a lot of different guitars. Early, he was in the Beatles, they bought some relatively cheap guitar Rickenbacker brand. John Lennon seems to have become loyal users of products, and for Rickenbacker contributed a lot, Rickenbacker had made a revision for John Lennon alone modified Rickenbacker 325 guitar.
Rickenbacker 325 John Lennon guitar

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