Lennon Rickenbacker 325

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The Beatles is undoubtedly the most recognized and praise a group of musicians
Used to play guitar, drums, and bass. For John Lennon, he chose to help the guitar
The British invasion is Lennon Rickenbacker in 1958
John Lennon with his Rickenbacker 325 Guitar  in Hamburg
In 1960, the Beatles left their home country, and Hamburg, Germany. They have spent recent months of hard work around Liverpool football club and cafes, and decided to try, and get it in a new place to see about the change of their fate. In the final to Germany to start Bruno Koschmider signed and signed into the house with his Sudra club. The show is not all it was cracked to completely, and arrive in they spent their first night sleeping in the club’s booth leather chair in Hamburg.
John Lennon himself later described the group conditions of life in Hamburg, “we put the pigsty, we live in a toilet, like on the side of the ladies’ room, we will go to bed late, awakened the second day of the old German frats voice on at the cinema next to pee.” the group has to pay 2.50 pounds a night, was made, from the afternoon at 8:30 each night of the week, until 2 o ‘clock in the morning, only three and a half hours of rest time between the sets. This kind of circumstance is to reflect all participate, but one thing it didn’t do this group is that they are exposed to the audience, on the basis of every night and provide them with the time and space, in order to improve the ability of their individual and collective.  The Lennon Rickenbacker 325 wasn’t buy at that time.
John Lennon playing Rickenbacker 325

John Lennon ‘s Rickenbacker 325 Guitar at a trade show in 1958 (Bottom Left)

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