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The second comparison Change came when John returned to Liverpool, when he decided to replace the stock Kauffman Vibrola tailpiece. The Kauffman as Unreliable Proven larly, and when John leaned against him, Lennon would often cause the guitar to go out of the air. So Lennon went to the music and bought a Hessy Bigbsy tailpiece with a fly bridge Jim Getty, who had installed him on the spot in the store.Unfortunately Bigsby bridge a little too big for the K 325 more bodies small. The pick-guard prevents the Rickenbacker cozy or maybe it’s been installed incorrectly.


Addition, at some point, the middle pick-up was disconnected, and the Rickenbacker guitar. No one knows exactly why, and John himself has never commented on the matter, but the most likely reason for this modified wiring was to achieve a gr older difference in tone between the different positions pickup switch. In most pictures of John playing guitar John Lennon had his Rickenbacker 325 on the middle position, so it is plausible that he loved the setting and Change pers Accessories Sounds requested.


The latest and most dramatic comparison Change made to the instrument, was had done the work of finishing Lennon for them. After a forced leather jackets and opting for suits, ties, shoes and Cuban land, he decided Lennon to also wanted to change the look of the guitar. To finish, to do the job with John Jim Burns, Lennon guitar burning. The exact date when this happened is unknown, but the last time was the Rickenbacker guitar photographed in nature at the Cavern Club in Liverpool until October 1962. Photographing has the first guitar with its new coat of black paint was in the Star-Club in Hamburg opened in December of the same year, so k, we can, that was derived somewhere in this time when the task is completed.



After all, John will retire 325, shortly after the group has its U.S. debut The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. The John Lennon guitar was taken aside away in storage until 1972, when John ordered Ron Demarino to the device t to restore order. Describe Demarino, sp Latest after receipt of the John Rickenbacker he was in a very bad condition. This John Lennon guitar has been equipped with mixed types cha donkeys, some disappeared and lined up in the wrong place. The control plate gold was cracked and the wiring up to the point where circuit information Rickenbacker was necessary to return to original specifications ver Were changed.


Demarino was capable of 325 successfully restore to its former glory. John had made be an additional request upon delivery of the John Lennon guitar, he wanted to remove the black color and back to its original natural finish. Unfortunately, he was ver in error in light maple Ffentlicht liked t than natural finish / ok honey. Burns the Kn Heads on the Lennon guitar has been retained, however, the pick guard with John should give dam Defendant a replacement given to Demarino as a gift.

The John Lennon’s Rickenbacker 325 after restoration



Said that John is late ter decide to use his old confidence trick on Double Fantasy sessions in 1980. This would t normal that some of the latest music John never did was played at his former Rickenbacker 325 confidence, Lennon played guitar when it was introduced worldwide. 

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