John Lennon 325

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John Lennon in 1960 (including manufacturing, in order to cooperate with John Lennon’s second 325 12 string) play to the John Lennon 325 and its various varieties. John Lennon’s 325 copies can be as a guitar controller of the Beatles rock band.
325 popular c64 from C series, including popular models from past editions and a copy of the model. This is based on 1964 John Lennon  325 guitar, it is very popular during the period of British invasion. Single guitar and bass Rickenbacker, in general, rose to fame in that period. Since the 1960 s rock tone ` n roll ` never really out of date, thanks to the fact that Rickenbacker took the lead to produce the electric guitar, for the brand cult status as a pledge. John Lennon 325 popular c64 equipped with one and a half hollow out maple body flat design and wave crest double cutting contour. Stress tremolo bridge is composed of a group of three one coil toaster pick-up the door at the top. Set is a breakthrough in maple xylophone neck the standard 21 – FRET rosewood fingerboard.  John Lennon 325 replica  is available now~! Only $498  Check the details 

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