Guitar John Lennon

John Lennon playing all kinds of  Guitar John Lennon and the Beatles, and in his solo career, including Rickenbacker (4 variants) Epiphone Casino and various types of Gibson and Fender guitars.
His choice of instrument is a piano, also by many songs for him. Lennon on the piano, for example, along with Paul McCartney interference led to the creation of “I want to hold your hand” in 1963.
“We wrote a lot of things together, one on one, eye eye. Like” I want to hold your hand, “I remember when we got to make the chords of the song. Our house in Jane asher, downstairs in the basement, to play the piano at the same time. And we have, ‘oh, you – UU/get…” Paul play the chords in B minor and I turned to him, and said, ‘is it! “I said,” do this again! “In those days, we really written in absolute – whether reached the other side of the nose.
Rickenbacker Guitar John Lennon  made some “nong” mode of electric guitar, Gibson let his J – 160 – e limited edition copy [4] and John Lennon’s Les Paul “inspiration” copy of the modified young players. Epiphone makes two “nong” version of the Guitar John Lennon; Of EJ – 160 – e and inspiration from Guitar John Lennon casino

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