The Beatles Rickenbacker Guitar Going to Auction

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Owned by George Harrison of the guitar is to auction and other Beatles and rock memorabilia.
It sold in auction on May 17, in the hard rock restaurant in Manhattan. Beatles 1962 Rickenbacker 425 with an estimated $600000.
Harrison in fenton music stores in mount Vernon, buy guitar, Illinois in 1963. He had to go there to visit his sister.
This Beatles Rickenbacker guitar is finished with Fireglo red polished black, to match the John Lennon Rickenbacker guitar.
The auction has signed by the Beatles “the Beatles’ 65 album”. It can bring up to $300000. After signing the Beatles began in 1964, the auction house said any album is extremely rare.
Other highlights include Mimi Hendrix sears SILVERSMITHS electric guitar. It estimates as high as $100000.
The Rickenbacker history dating back to 1931 , Adolph Rickenbacker and George Beauchamp electric Hawaiian guitars started selling . Adolph Rickenbacker , who was born in Switzerland in 1881 , his parents immigrated to the United States after the death of Rickenbacker and changed the name to avoid the German sound. The adventurous factory in Santa Ana are entered , in 1932, the beginning electric guitars and basses .
The company has been famous for a small motif entered the history of popular music , John Lennon in 1960 bought a Beatles Rickenbacker 325 Capri guitar type . The Beatles inseparable from the sound of musical instruments Rickenbacker guitar . In the following video, an interesting Rickenbacker instruments Visitors can .


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