The Beatles – John Lennon

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The Beatles – John Lennon

“The death of a man who sings and plays guitar in the shadow of the news,” said CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite, December 9, 1980, reports on the shooting of John Lennon. People who have held vigils Lennon reminded him five days later, that more than one member of the Beatles. Lennon Promote his music and fame after leaving the group to the Tr Ume of a generation of peace, love and social justice to f. Each of the Beatles have e big things done after the Fab Four broke but John Lennon was always the policy, the more rebellious – the only one of the Nixon administration attempted to silence.


Mother John, Julia Lennon, and gave him to be raised by his aunt; his father had no interest in climbing. If loan St its subversive nature, his dislike for enriched to 17 containers would recommend when Julia was get in a hit Tet and run accident involving a police car out. Lennon and his mother held on to the rock ‘n’ roll before his death, and Julia had seen fueled performing with his first band, The Quarrymen, the trees his tears of fame.



During his career with the Beatles in the rapid development of the 1960’s, Lennon and the Beatles group has changed the nature of ver It seemed that people music, art and life, the behavior of the awareness of the younger generation are the voice of drugs Eastern religion and politics. The song “Revolution” was written in a turbulent year of protests and riots in 1968, the message of the Beatles for all was then and setting to put the system in question “When you talk about destruction white do not that you can not choose to me “.




Pacific shaking the world remained Code the Beatles & Lennon, even if it is aligned with the radical activism against the Vietnam War and the Nixon administration in the 1970’s.

However The Beatles came out, Lennon reveled in the M Possibility to make music and to use his star power as an individual. His second wife, conceptual artist Yoko Ono, whom he married in 1969, was a st Quantcast Pr Presence, influence and partners in almost every aspect of his life after the Fab Four.


Ono called performance art “music of the soul, And she and Lennon clicked, because she turned to be matched subversive style. Duo the media hype surrounding their honeymoon in Bed-in cover Peace” against the Vietnam war by sitting in bed for days and dr hang people love, not to protest war. “Make an interview after a press sheet, the two journalists  demanded with the concept of” bagism “, wondering how they ch to find a conversation with someone when they do not know what they looked like .


The Beatles Songs Lennon wrote in his solo career was less successful, but almost all speak about social justice and the end of the war. The most famous of them Imagine, Which paints the portraits t a world that is not of L Countries or religions is shared “all the people. Lives in peace” Reminiscent of his British roots “Working Class Hero” by the Beatles, John Lennon addressed inequality and class struggle. Hymns such as “Give Peace a Chance And Happy Christmas (War is Over)” was a great success with it Vietnam War protesters. Less popular was the song Woman is Nigger of the World “and called for feminist activism.


Lennon has made TV commercials with Bobby Seale, co-founder of the Black Panther Party, and made Public appearances with peace activists Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. Lennon wrote songs for protest rallies, including one to secure the release of John Sinclair, who was sentenced to 10 years Gef Jail for selling two joints of marijuana to an undercover officer after repeated condemnation, half possession.

Nixon administration feared the influence of John Lennon. Shortly after the Beatles broke, their fan base has become much more important: nderungsantrag 26 to 18 years the age of the referendum by 11 million new Wi counter on the rollers just in time for the elections in 1972 given FBI files, available online from. Freedom of Information Act lawsuit show that Lennon was under surveillance by agents of the government ver was ffentlicht, as well as civil and government of the anti-war era protest rights.


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